Plantscaping Expert, Dale Crable answers tough questions about your favorite houseplants.


Santa Cruz Sentinel Article

Interior plant lighting is measured in footcandles. That is the amount of light that one “international candle” will emit over one square of surface when the candle is one foot away.

A low light level reading using a light meter would be 50-100 footcandles, medium reading 100-250, and high reading 250 plus. A fluorescent fixture with two 40 watt bulbs (12″) will measure 300-500 footcandles, which is enough to maintain many varieties of indoor plant material.

Interior plants are grown in lower light levels to facilitate their transition into your home or office. Therefore they can use any light available to them; daylight, cool and warm fluorescent, metal halide, incandescent, low and high pressure sodium.

Why should we care about footcandles? Armed with some footcandle knowledge may make the difference in your success